《Political Correctness Gone Mad?》

作者: Stephen Fry, Jordan B. Peterson, Michael Eric Dyson
出版: One World
出版时间: 2018-11-01

the best move to play in chess is not the best chess move, it’s the move your opponent least wants you to play. At the moment, you’re being recruiting sergeants for the Right, by annoying and upsetting instead of either fighting or persuading.
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Proposition number two is that the proper way to view the world is as a battleground between groups of different power. So, you define the groups first and then you assume that you view the individual from the group context, you view the battle between groups from the group context, and you view history itself as a consequence of nothing but the power of manoeuvres between different groups. That eliminates any consideration of the individual at a very fundamental level, and also any idea of free speech.
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But the collectivist narrative that I regard as politically correct is a strange pastiche of postmodernism and neo-Marxism, and its fundamental claim is that, no, you’re not essentially an individual, you’re essentially a member of a group. That group might be your ethnicity and it might be your sex and it might be your race, and it might be any of the endless numbers of other potential groups that you belong to, because you belong to many. And that you should be essentially categorized along with those who are like you on that dimension in that group — that’s proposition number one.
第49页 · 2023-05-28

I actually don’t think the discussion about political correctness is political. I think it’s both theological and philosophical, but it’s always presented, or often presented, in politicized terms, not least because, if you’re influenced by the radical leftist collectivist ideology, that is the only playing field. It’s all hierarchies at each other’s throats playing power games.
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