So the second task I got from Blogging University was to talk about why I named this blog That Interpreter. I’ve got to say, it was like one of those light bulb moments.

Thinking of a new and original and unique name is a pain, especially given that I started blogging very late (almost too late) and all the good names have been already taken. I thought of naming the blog after myself. But my wife and I agreed it was too weird, and also, lame, no matter the order or combination. And it is just not relative to what I do. So the question stands, what do I do?

I am an interpreter. Though I also work as a translator, I am more inclined to see myself as an interpreter, because it is where lies with more fun. So what words I feel connected to?

When immediate answers are hard to come by, I let my minds wander, just like when you couldn’t find something in the apartment. And I remember Steve Jobs said in his Stanford speech about connecting the dots, and how the dots can only be connected looking backward. And I think the name of this blog is a result of a few dots, unnoticeable dots.

Chinese video game players, or rather, gamers, are very familiar with, if not proud of, a name, Jenova Chen (陈星汉) . He is the developer and designer of award-winning games, like Journey, Flower, and FlOw. These are all indie games, saying they are low-budget titles by small teams.  They appeal to gamers with neither grand and breath-taking scenes, nor epic plots, but the subtle and immersive emotions that unfold with game play. As a gamer myself, I can feel the devotion, commitment and professionalism Jenova put in these titles. And that is exactly what I want my clients to feel, that I can relate, and I come to help, instead of just getting the work over with.

And guess what, Jenova is the co-founder of Thatgamecompany. And … light bulb.