Some people are asking me, “Why are you going on and on about this incident at Bucha? Why don’t you just pick a side and be done with it already?”

Because it’s not about “picking sides” — it’s about finding the truth. I don’t care who the truth benefits, I just want to know what is true and what is false. And I can’t stand it when people believe something that I know to be false.

I don’t care if they disbelieve something that I know to be true. My thinking is, They’ll come around eventually and realize that I’m right.

But when they actively believe something that I know is false — and make decisions and carry out actions based on those false beliefs — that is what I cannot stand.

That’s why I’m going to go on and on about this Bucha situation. That’s why I’m going to correct myself when I post things that I later discover are not accurate — like the “dead man’s hand” that turned out to be a droplet of water, or the “corpse getting up” which was really just a distortion in the mirror.

I will never hold on to a belief that evidence shows is not true. And I will always speak up when people believe things that are not true.

Gonzalo Lira在自己的Telegram频道里,对自己的解说。





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