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Among all the predictably ‘hilarious’ remarks the patients made to me, one said something surprisingly astute. ‘It’s funny – you don’ t think of doctors getting ill.’ It’s true, and I think it’s part of something bigger: patients don’t actually think of doctors as being human. It’s why they’re so quick to complain if we make a mistake or if we get cross. It’s why they’ll bite our heads off when we finally call them into our over-running clinic room at 7 p.m., not thinking that we also have homes we’d rather be at. But it’s the flip side of not wanting your doctor to be fallible, capable of getting your diagnosis wrong.



2019-06-01 17:30:18

I felt like I’d been through rigorous couples therapy – talking all the problems out, realizing the spark was still there after.



2019-06-01 11:46:56

You don’t cure depression, the same way you don’t cure asthma; you manage it.



2019-05-30 13:59:11

Terms like “choice” sound good in theory – we all like to feel we are masters of our own destinies – but have you ever been in a canteen queue where there are more than a couple of mains? People dither, they change their minds, they look for affirmation from friends. Sometimes, it’s best to cut to the chase and remove any room for doubt.

除了个人喜好之外,自由的意义被夸大了。专业的事交给专业的人来做,比外行人自由选择更靠谱。我的很多学生连自己想要什么都不知道,他们基本上会做两种选择,第一是随大流,别人选什么就选什么,第二是搞特殊,别人选什么就偏不选什么。这里面有个很大的漏洞,就是自己选什么和别人根本没有任何关系。别人的选择本来就不应该拿来当做参照系。可是不知道自己该怎么选的时候,人总是会下意识抬头看看身边的人怎么选。症结还是自己没有目标和判断。我从不替别人做决定,只是解释,如果这么选会有什么结果,接不接受是你的事。我认识几个人,她们会把同一个问题拿去问不同的人,而且反反复复问很多次。但其实她们心里早就有自己的选择和答案。她们想要的无非是让你同意她们的选择,这样的话,一旦结果不如人意,就可以把责任推到你身上,而不用自责。这种人我会敬而远之,甚至不惜主动得罪,让她们离我远点。因为我很了解这样的人,她们会把利益全都揽在自己怀里,而把责任全都推到你身上,不仅如此,还想永远站在道德制高点。Have a good life, then die!

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When discussing Do Not Resuscitate orders, relatives often want “everything to be done” without really knowing what that means. Really, the form should say, “if your mother’s heart stops, would you like us to break all her ribs and electrocute her?”

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A patient was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer during pregnancy, and was advised to deliver at thirty two weeks so she could start treatments. She waited till the thirty seven weeks to give her baby the absolutely best possible chance. She died after a fortnight spent with her baby.


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The other miracle of childbirth is that that I can put metal forceps on a baby’s head and lean backwards— applying 20kg of traction force on it, generally getting a sweat on — and the baby comes out absolutely fine, rather than, as you might expect, decapitated.

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