《China and the West: the Munk Debates》

作者: H R McMaster
出版: Anansi Press
出版时间: 20191105

China abides by the major agreements and, when you work with China in the United Nations, as many of us have done, you see they try to support the U.N. all the time. And I can say after ten years in the U.N., that the objective of the United States mission to the U.N. was to weaken it, control its budget, refuse to give it freedom to grow, and when I served as a commissioner to the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency], the United States was even trying to strangle them. China, by contrast, was prepared to give more to the U.N., and China is the single biggest contributor of peacekeepers to the United Nations.
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the most powerful speaker at the TED Talk was a British journalist called Carole Cadwalladr-if you ever watch a TED Talk, watch hers-and she describes graphically how Facebook, as she says,“destroyed British democracy.” How? By injecting lies into Facebook accounts that enter and disappear without a trace. It took months and months before the British Parliament could actually see the lies that Facebook had fed.
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But what is China threatening? Is China threatening the liberal international order, or is China threatening the global balance of power and the number-one power in the world, so ably represented by General Measter and Michael Pillsbury? And the honest answer-there’s only one simple, honest answer-is that China is threat- ening the global balance of power: I’ll tell you why China is not threatening the liberal international order. Because why has China come out of nowhere and in thirty years become the largest economy in PPP terms? How did China do itP China did it because of the rules of the liberal international order.
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there was some early expectation that China would converge with the Western model, but that obviously has not been the case. As Deng Xiaoping said, it doesn’t matter if it’s a white cat or a black cat, as long as it catches mice. So, if its own model works for China, well, China maybe should stick to that.
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From the Chinese point of view, one clear lesson from 2,200 years of continuous Chinese history is that when the centre is weak, the people suffer; when the centre is strong, people benefit. So strong leaders like Xi Jinping are popular in China. People like him. Their lives are better.
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And so I think the fundamental problem in Western perceptions of China is that their minds have become trapped in an artificial time bubble of two hundred years of Western domination of world history, which is coming to an end, and therefore they are unable to enter into other thought bubbles that exist within very different worldviews.
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So, the paradox we have in the world today is that China is not a democracy and America is, but it’s a democracy that is a bigger threat to the liberal international order than a non-democracy.
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