The first blog post is a painful dejavu. It feels just like the books you have never got the opportunity to finish, and after a while, you have to start fresh, from the cover, through that first chapter, which you probably have already read as many times as you have attempted to finish the book. People say you could never forget your first. Well, I cannot second that. However, the first blog works like giving up smoking for me. If you are willing to give it another try, the chances are this might be it, because you haven’t given up yet.

I set up this new blog primarily as my online CV for my potential clients. So, most of the blogs will be about translation and interpreting, because they are both my profession and passion. I am already thinking about translating the book I am reading and post it on this blog.

There will be personal journals, as sometimes I feel impulsive to talk, mostly complain, about trivial and anecdotal stories in my life. But I am not sure if this is comfortable for me to confide to a potential large (hopefully) audience, whom I have never met.

For those who are reading this post, Please tell me what brought you here. And I sincerely hope you are not annoyed or regret the time you spend on this page.

The first post on a blog is like a manifesto, or statements, or rather a new year plan. It is always ambitious and optimistic. But for this time, I want to tune it down. After all, this blog will be my online CV.


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